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The energy web magazine for professionals - educators - students.

Mission Statement

We, the publishers of Energy Trace Webzine, have been educators for 20 years, and still are. We believe in the importance of managing our world's energy sources and our energy usage. We teach courses in energy management and develop new educational programs.

Our hope, with this site, is to provide current information about energy and its application in the world and to educate as many people as possible on the importance of energy conservation and efficiencies.

Stephen Ethier

  • is currently developing a new energy management and system technology program
  • is an engineering instructor at a community college
  • has worked in either education or industry for over 30 years
  • has been involved in Autodesk product instruction since itís inception in the early 1980ís
  • is an executive member in good standing of the local chapter of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA)
  • continues to be a leader in the field in his province of residence
  • is the head and CEO of CADInnovations Inc and acts as both the chief creative component of the husband and wife writing team and as a consultant for business and industrial organizations nationwide
  • was partially responsible for both the curriculum development and the implementation of CAD in the provincial high school system
  • was the driving force behind the accreditation of his affiliated collegeís CAD-intensive engineering course program
  • delivers lectures on CAD history and development
  • is the primary author behind more than 25 texts that focus on Autodesk software

Christine Ethier

  • has degrees in both English and Education
  • worked as a newspaper journalist and editor in her native Ontario
  • has worked in Education with students from preschool to adult learners
  • has taught at the university level in the English department of a university
  • delivers lectures and teaches courses in communication skills and writing improvement for various audiences
  • is the secondary author behind more than 25 texts that focus on Autodesk software